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  • What is the POPI Act and what does it take to be compliant?
  • Will your business need to be compliant and what would happen if you don’t comply?
  • The POPI Act has come into effect on the 1ste of July 2021 and Baseline IT has partnered up with attorneys to provide you with a full POPI Compliance solution.

    – POPI Compliance IT Audit

    – Data Security Policies & Procedures

    – Data Security Consults & Awareness

    – Agreements and Notices Audit

  • How will the POPI Act Affect our organisation?
  • What information would be classified as “Personal”?
  • Does my organisation need to comply with regulatory standards like ISO, POPI?
  • Do you have onsite backups for recovery
  • How safe and affordable are cloud backups​?
  • What retention policy is recommended for your data​?
  • Do you have onsite backups for recovery?
  • How safe and affordable are cloud backups?
  • What retention policy is recommended for your data?
  • Certain geographical locations have good enough internet speed
  • Data Centers in RSA are satisfactory to secure data

Internal IT

  • They become very well equipped with the internal systems
  • Everyone in the company knows the person well
  • Easy to walk over to them and ask for assistance
  • Usually tasks not tracked in ticket system accurately
  • All knowledge is with one person`

Outsource IT

  • Each ticket will be logged into a system and assigned
  • Knowledge is spread between more than one technician
  • Quick turn Around time on Remote support
  • Different levels of escalation and experience
  • Always available 24/7 Support
  • Where are you storing your data?
  • How is your data secured?
  • What Policies are in place for accessing Data?
  • What are you doing with the Data captured?
  • How do we control data storage and data lifecycles?
  • What are your Risks from a Cyber Attack perspective?
  • How can onsite Access become a Risk for Data?
  • During an attack on the Infrastructure what systems are in place to recover?
  • What systems prevent Risk to minimize the attack?
  • How do we detect and respond to threats like malware and phishing scams?
  • What is the recommended password reset policy?